Messages ( Homilies)

One Church One Message is about getting every one that attends our church to hear the same message on a given week. At Holy Eucharist this means that our children, students and adults are all being taught a similar theme - so families can discuss it. It means that at every Mass, we repeat the same homily so that every adult has heard the exact same message. One Church One Message is simply about getting everybody in the parish headed in the same direction, as with geese flying in formation, or a crew team rowing together. The message is what we call our weekend homily. It is the centerpiece of our church communication.We invite you to read, reflect and pray on these messages.

Advent Message Series - Angels

We are not alone in this world. God uses angels regularly to intervene in the world and pave the way to work and announce what He is doing. These beings may be perceived as mythological, impish, or mysterious to some, but they are actually very alive and active in the world today. Angels serve a key role in the Biblical story (and our lives) as comforters, protectors, messengers, and worshippers. During this series, we will explore the gift of angels and why it matters to believe. For, angels are around us all the time, nearer than we think, and much more useful than we can even imagine.

Week 1 Message - December 3, 2017

Week 2 Message - December 10, 2017