One church one message

One Church One Message is about getting every one that attends our church to hear the same message on a given week. At Holy Eucharist this means that our children, students and adults are all being taught a similar theme - so families can discuss it. It means that at every Mass, we repeat the same homily so that every adult has heard the exact same message. One Church One Message is simply about getting everybody in the parish headed in the same direction, as with geese flying in formation, or a crew team rowing together. The message is what we call our weekend homily. It is the centerpiece of our church communication.We invite you to read, reflect and pray on these messages.

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Deacon Joseph Deluca

Secrets of a happy family

Week Five - February 2,3 - Grace ( Part 2)


Scripture: Love Never Fails (1 Corinthians 13)

Our families are full of fallen human beings who let us down and disappoint us. Loving them and forgiving them can be incredibly difficult and challenging. More than that, it is impossible. In this message we will look at the kind of love Paul describes in the reading from Corinthians and how we can access it for our families.

Secrets of a happy family

WEEK 4 - January 26,27 - GRACE (Part 1)


n the reading from Nehemiah, families gather to hear readings from the law (the Old Testament Scriptures) as a way to unite the nation of Judah. Prayer and family worship unite a family and keep them together. In this message we will look at how prayer, worship, and ultimately grace help to keep a family together.

Secrets of a happy family

Week Three:   the Family Core ( Mothers)

Father Andrew's Message

Scripture: Wedding at Cana (John 2:1-11)

Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding. He did so at the invitation and encouragement of his mother. It is Mary who launches Jesus into his public ministry. In this message we look at the marriage as the core of the family and how it affects the health of the family, and will examine how our relationships with our mothers form us.

Secrets of a happy family

Week 2 - January 12,13 - Daddy DEFICIT (Fathers)

Father Andrew's Message

Scripture: Baptism of the Lord (Luke 3)

Before Jesus launches into his public ministry, he is baptized and hears the words of his Father who expresses his delight and approval by saying, “This is my beloved Son, with you I am well pleased.” No matter your relationship with your father, every child desires please his or her father and longs to hear approval. In this message we will acknowledge the daddy deficit, and will discuss how to turn to the perfect father in heaven.

secrets of a happy family

week 1 - January 5,6   Introduction - your family is not an accident!

Father Andrew's complete message


Scripture: Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6

When God sent his Son, he sent him into a family. This is an image of what God wants to accomplish. He is gathering his family together through the Church. He is our Father and wants us to share in his inheritance. While God is forming a family, our family experiences are full of mixed emotions. Families are messy. While we love our families there is often competition and hurt feelings. In this message, we will look at how important our families are in establishing a relationship with God and how God uses them for our good whether they are good, bad or indifferent. We will set out the goal of loving our family members more as a result of this series. Our past and present family are not an accident. God wants to use them to draw us closer to him and to make us into the people we want to be.

Father Andrew's Christmas message

Advent Message Series - "Your Best Yes"

Week One: Introduction/Discernment - December 1,2

Read Father Andrew's message HERE

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 3:12-4:2

In this first week we discussed  the purpose of Advent to help us Increase and abound in love. However to grow in love does not mean we have to please everyone. We will in this session talk about the importance of saying no to some things this season so we can grow in love.

Week Two: Say Yes to God (Repent)  - December 8,9

Read Father Andrew's message HERE

Scripture: Luke 3:1-6

The Advent and Christmas season is about growing in our love for God. We are to prepare our hearts for the Savior. In this message looked at how we can say Yes to God and prepare our hearts for Him this Christmas.

Week Three: Say Yes to the Poor (Share) - December 15,16

Read Father Andrew's message HERE

Scripture: Luke 3:10-18

When John the Baptist is asked by individuals how to repent and turn back to God, all his answers have to do with money and giving. He tells those with an extra coat to give to the poor. He tells soldiers to stop collecting more than their fair share. In this message we looked   at how the best yes might mean saying no to some extra stuff we don’t need and giving to those in need.