Advent and Christmas at Holy Eucharist

Our culture tends to jump into Christmas mode the day after Halloween, often sending us into an exhausted frenzy. However, the truth is that we have limited time and resources to prepare for Christmas, on top of dealing with normal life issues that don’t go on hold, just because the holidays are here.

This Advent,  through our message series  called "Your Best Yes"  we will look into the pressures of the Christmas season, and explore how to handle the season with the lasting peace and joy of Christ. We will also view Advent as a model how to make positive decisions throughout the rest of the year, as well.   

Advent begins the weekend of December 1st and 2nd and continues through December 23.. Join us for vibrant liturgies and inspiring music and messages.   Click on the link below for a complete list and description of our Advent events.



Invite someone to Christmas Mass

Do you know someone who has been away from the church for a while - maybe a friend or family member? Christmas is an easy time for someone to church to return with all its traditions and joy. Why not give them a little "nudge?" At all the tables and the Welcome Center this weekend, you'll find blank invitation postcards that you can put in your Christmas cards or mail separately Pick up as many as you would like!