RCIA for Children

RCIA for Children is open to the family of any child from age 8 to 13 who has not been baptized, baptized in another faith, and children who are baptized but have not learned about and practiced the Catholic faith. Children in this program learn about what the Catholic Church teaches and believes while connecting these truths to their everyday lives through program designed just for children. This is the beginning of their faith journey. Also, RCIA for Children works with the Family Faith Formation program - LIFT  so that on LIFT weekends, these children will attend the LIFT program with the rest of the children in the Faith Formation Program so that they are connected to the community. When the team, along with Father Andrew, decides that each child is ready, he or she will be invited to become fully initiated into the church. At Easter or the following weekend, he or she will receive the sacraments needed to become fully initiated into the Catholic Church including Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.

What does this program look like? Beginning in October, children attend the 8:30am mass and are dismissed with their leaders after Father Andrew’s homily. They go back to the Faith Formation Center for an hour long program connecting the gospel reading and Catholic teachings to their lives through stories, activities, videos, songs and discussions with their peers. Parents and grandparents are invited to come back to the Faith Formation Center to experience the last 10 minutes of the program with their children. In this way, the whole family grows together in a deeper relationship with Jesus.

For more information, contact Donna Remaley, Faith Formation Coordinator at dremaley@holyeucharist.org or 609 268 7742.