One church one message

One Church One Message is about getting every one that attends our church to hear the same message on a given week. At Holy Eucharist this means that our children, students and adults are all being taught a similar theme - so families can discuss it. It means that at every Mass, we repeat the same homily so that every adult has heard the exact same message. One Church One Message is simply about getting everybody in the parish headed in the same direction, as with geese flying in formation, or a crew team rowing together. The message is what we call our weekend homily. It is the centerpiece of our church communication.We invite you to read, reflect and pray on these messages.

8th grade faith

Many of us grew up going to Catholic School and attending CCD, where faith was taught as a subject, rather than as a relationship with Christ. In this message series, we will look at how our religious education experience was (and sometimes continues to be) viewed at as a checklist, and often “stopped” after Confirmation. We will look deeper into what God wants for our life and discipleship as mature, growing Christians, and discuss practical methods to help us grow in faith. After all, can you imagine doing your job, if you stopped learning at 8th grade? It’s the same for your faith.

  • Week 1

    September 14,15 2019

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  • WEEK 2

    September 21,22 2019

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  • WEEK 3

    September 28, 29 2019

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  • Week 4

    October 5,6 2019

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  • Week 5

    October 12,13 2019

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