A Christmas Message

Christmas 2017
“In times past, God spoke in partial and various ways…
In these last days, ha has spoken to us through the Son.”— Hebrews 1:1-2

My prayer is that you will have a Joyful Christmas: a Christmas rooted in the inner serenity deep faith provides, strong enough to survive the disappointments and sorrows life delivers to our doorstep and exuberant enough to celebrate life’s happiest times. May the birthday of Christ touch you with deep joy...
I pray, too, that you will have a Peaceful Christmas: the peace the world so clearly is unable to give itself; the peace that broken hearts long for; the peace that is ours to share with one another in forgiveness, kindness and charity. May the birthday of Christ sow seeds of peace in your heart...
Finally, I pray that you have a Hopeful Christmas. So much in the world around us encroaches on our capacity to hope: a spirit abroad that seems intent on draining the beauty and poetry from our lives while our ever burgeoning knowledge robs us of awe and reverence before the mystery of life, of love and of God. May the birthday of Christ renew hope in your heart...
I wish you a Joyful, Peaceful, Hopeful Christmas and should your Christmas be Merry and Happy, too – all the better! Please pray the same for me.
Merry Christmas!
Sincerely in the Lord.
Fr. Andrew

Father Andrew's Christmas Homily

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Christmas Banners

Mike Torevell is the artist of our beautiful Christmas banners.   He has been drawing and painting since childhood. He has frequently exhibited and undertaken commissions, primarily in the UK and USA. In recent years Mike has focused on creating Christian artwork for churches, educational settings, and publishing organisations featuring designs for Christmas, Easter and Sacramental occasions. His style incorporates a vibrant use of color and light in contemporary landscapes and portraiture. He works in a range of media - oils, watercolor, and digital artwork. 

Mike believes that artwork combined with scripture can be truly inspirational and hold a transcendent, aesthetic connection with the Divine. In the eye of the beholder, works of art can reflect the beauty and wonder of God.

Mike is a practicing Roman Catholic and lives near Preston, England. He is married with two children, and three grandchildren.

Mike has an online gallery of his artwork at https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/michael-torevell.html

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Advent Message Series

We are not alone in this world. God uses angels regularly to intervene in the world and pave the way to work and announce what He is doing. These beings may be perceived as mythological, impish, or mysterious to some, but they are actually very alive and active in the world today. Angels serve a key role in the Biblical story (and our lives) as comforters, protectors, messengers, and worshippers. During this series, we explored the gift of angels and why it matters to believe. For, angels are around us all the time, nearer than we think, and much more useful than we can even imagine.

Week 1 Message - December 3, 2017

Week 2 Message - December 10, 2017

Week 3 Message - December 17, 2017

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The Epiphany of the Lord

Our Christmas Celebration continues with the Feast of the Epiphany

January 6, 7 2018

Join us for Mass:  5:00 pm Saturday, 8:30 am, 10:30 am and 6:00 pm

Readings for Feast of the Epiphany

First Reading
Isaiah 60:1-6
Jerusalem shall be a light to all nations.

Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 72:1-2,7-8,10-11,12-13
Every nation on earth shall worship the Lord.

Second Reading
Ephesians 3:2-3a,5-6
Gentiles are coheirs in the promise of Christ.

Gospel Reading
Matthew 2:1-12
The Magi seek out Jesus and do him homage.

Background on the Gospel Reading

The visit of the Magi occurs directly before the story of the Holy Family’s flight into Egypt. Matthew’s Gospel tells a version of Jesus’ birth that is different than the one in Luke. Of the actual birth of Jesus, Matthew tells us little more than, “When Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, in the days of King Herod . . . ” The story of the census is found only in Luke’s Gospel, but we hear about the visit of the Magi only in Matthew’s Gospel.

We know little about the Magi. They come from the East and journey to Bethlehem, following an astrological sign, so we believe them to be astrologers. We assume that there were three Magi based upon the naming of their three gifts. The Gospel does not say how many Magi paid homage to Jesus. In Matthew’s Gospel, they represent the Gentiles’ search for a savior. Because the Magi represent the entire world, they also represent our search for Jesus.

We have come to consider the gifts they bring as a foreshadowing of Jesus’ role in salvation. We believe the meaning of the gifts to be Christological. Gold is presented as representative of Jesus’ kingship. Frankincense is a symbol of his divinity because priests burned the substance in the Temple. Myrrh, which was used to prepare the dead for burial, is offered in anticipation of Jesus’ death.

The word Epiphany means “manifestation” or “showing forth.” Historically several moments in Christ’s early life and ministry have been celebrated as “epiphanies,” including his birth in Bethlehem, the visit of the Magi, his baptism by John, and his first miracle at Cana.