Our church building may be empty, but the church is still alive in the hearts of her people! 

What can we do to support our faith connection at home?

Many of us are home but still need the spiritual connection, good quality information and leisure time that will not let our good spiritual habits be lead astray.  Check out some of these options to stay connected and help pass some of the time while being beneficial to our overall faith!  Share with your family and friends.  It is a time that we can't close up the Gospel - but instead share our faith to shine God's love and bring hope.  

"Click" on the images below or read the excerpt for more information. 

  • Small Groups

    We may not be able to meet in person, but we will meet!  Small Groups are forming online chat groups.  Join those who are apart of our parish community while sitting in the comfort of our home!  If you are interested in joining a chat group, please email jgarrett@holyeucharist.org

  • HERO YOUTh ministry

    Our youth ministry like Small Groups is meeting via group chat.  What a great way for our teens to be connected to like-minded individuals and they reflect the Gospel and chat about what they are feeling.  If you are a teen and would like to join HERO in these interactions, text "Join HERO" to (609)346-9063.


    Usccb is a great site that leads us through daily scriptures.  It's perfect for our Mass readings on the weekend as well.  Click HERE

  • Loyola press

    This website has great activities for every family.  Click HERE

  • Formed.org

    What a great source with many great movies, documentaries, and study videos. It's like a "Catholic Netflix"!  Right now this resource is giving a 40 day FREE trial for families at this time.  Click HERE

  • For our homebound

    Do you know someone who is elderly and lives on their own.  A time when interaction is limited, how can we reach out to our seniors.  Here is a great resource for Daily Devotions and Activities for family members to do - like writing a letter.  Click HERE

  • Dynamic Catholic

    A great resource with a way to dig into their faith for everyone. Click HERE