One church one message

One Church One Message is about getting every one that attends our church to hear the same message on a given week. At Holy Eucharist this means that our children, students and adults are all being taught a similar theme - so families can discuss it. It means that at every Mass, we repeat the same homily so that every adult has heard the exact same message. One Church One Message is simply about getting everybody in the parish headed in the same direction, as with geese flying in formation, or a crew team rowing together. The message is what we call our weekend homily. It is the centerpiece of our church communication.We invite you to read, reflect and pray on these messages.

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A Christmas to remember

Christmas Eve Mass

While gathering this year was going to be different, we did not want it to be added to the list of things we wanted to forget this year.  We were determined to make this special, joy-filled, fun and reverent.  It was wonderful!  We are blessed to be surrounded with a community that supports our efforts to connect with each other and God.  

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late Fall message series

staying power

We grow by the commitments we make and fulfill.  Committing to take a class in a foreign language or to dance classes or to martial arts and fulfilling that commitment helps us to grow in our ability to do those things. Likewise we come to mature as Christians, in Christ-likeness by the commitments we make and keep. In this series we will look at the power of commitment and the steps we invite people to take as a church. We will talk about both the commitments and the benefits of those commitments. You can’t be committed to everything, but it's important to be committed to the right things. 

WEEK 1 Commitment is Essential


WEEK 2 Practice Prayer


WEEK 3 Sharing your Faith


WEEK 4 Small Groups


WEEK 5 Serving Others


WEEK 6 Stewardship