There's no better investment in the world than the local parish.  It is where people meet Jesus and lives are changed.  "Where our treasure is, there will your heart also be."  Matthew 6:21

Giving draws us closer to God.  When you invent in what matters to God, you strengthen your realtionship with Him.

Giving grows our character.  Giving helps us to better reflect the character of God.  He has given us everything - not even withholding his own Son!  God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son.

Giving expresses love for people.  Our giving makes it possible for people to hear the Good News of God's love for them. It also helps us provide, through our ministry partners, critical care to the poor and those in need. 

Ways to give


    As a church that seeks to serve, we want to provide you with the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want.     Online giving costs you nothing  and provides many advantages to you and the parish. You can even text to give!  609 224 1774. 




    Use the below link and bookmark it for future reference whenever you buy anything from  Holy Eucharist parish.  Holy Eucharist gets at least 4% of your purchase price at no additional cost to you!    Sign in with your own login and password.  That's all you have to do for the parish to benefit from this fantastic program!


  • Remember us in your will

    Please remember Holy Eucharist parish in your will.  This is a wonderful way to provide for the future well-being of your parish community. By remembering the parish in your will, living trust, or retirement plan, you help ensure a bright future for our church.

  • Annual Catholic Appeal

    Help support our diocese.  A portion of money pledged to the Bishop comes directly back to Holy Eucharist.