Would you like to learn more about the Catholic faith? We welcome your inquiry and look forward to walking with you on your faith journey. The process by which adults come into the church is called "RCIA" - the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. Perhaps you have never been baptized, or baptized as a Catholic or other Christian faith but never received further faith formation. Adults are fully initiated into the Catholic Church during this process, celebrating Baptism, if needed, Confirmation and First Eucharist. Holy Eucharist offers a year round RCIA process, so a person may enter the first phase, at any time throughout the year. Inquirers bring their questions about Christianity and Catholicism to the meetings, which are led by members of the RCIA team.

Perhaps your school age child has never been baptized or received First Eucharist. Do you have a high school student who has not received First Eucharist or  been confirmed? We offer a wonderful program for them as well!. Take the first step - tell us a little about yourself by completing the inquiry form or  click on the links below for detailed information..