Baptisms at Holy Eucharist  are celebrated either during Mass with the faith community or on certain Sunday afternoons both around our beautiful baptismal font. 

See Baptism Brochure below for Baptism dates.

Baptism Preparation

Parents are required to attend a Baptism Preparation class before the chosen baptism date. If parents do not attend the class before the scheduled baptism, your baptism ceremony will have to be postponed until you have attended the class. Godparents are encouraged but not required to attend the class with you. Preparation Classes are held each month on a Friday evening at 7:00 pm. See the Baptism brochure for dates.

Please complete the inquiry form below or call our parish office at 609 268 8383 Ext. 100 to reserve a place in the class.

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If you are an adult or have an older child inquiring about baptism, please scroll to bottom of page for more information.  We welcome you!


To be a godparent for Baptism, you must be at least 16 years old, a practicing Catholic, and have received all the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. In addition, if married, the godparent must be in a valid marriage. 

Potential godparents must provide a certificate or letter from their parish certifying that they are fully initiated members of a Catholic community.  

Holy Eucharist parishioners may obtain a certificate by calling the parish office ( 609 268 8383).

Initiation for Children, Teens and Adults

Are you an Adult, Teen or Child inquiring about Baptism or other Sacrament's of Initiation?  Then an RCIA program is your next step.

Let's get you on that path - Click HERE for more information.