2021 FALL SESSIONS START the second week of OCTOBEr

If you are new to Small Groups, we encourage you to enjoy one of our Small Group Connection Experiences scheduled in the Fall and Spring.  For more information about this experience, take a look at the Fall Date below.

In Small Groups, we grow in fellowship and relationship with one another, God, and in ways we cannot grow on our own. Small Groups are where our big church gets small. Groups are usually 6-12 people who meet weekly to discuss faith, go deeper in Scripture readings and support one another in their relationship with Christ.    In our Small Groups we challenge each other to pray,  be authentic and be committed to grow in our faith in our everyday lives. It is through our passion, energy and enthusiasm that generations upon generations will come to know, love and serve Jesus Christ.   

Want more information about Small Groups? Have an question? email: smallgroups@holyeucharist.org

Fall Small Group Connection Experience: Sunday, October 3rd starting at 11:45am (After the 10:30am Mass

Joining a Small Group is one of the STEPS at Holy Eucharist we encourage you to take to grow your Faith. God created us to be in community with one another. Small Groups are about building relationships with others, encouraging each other, and supporting each member on their discipleship journey. 

Join us for a one-time Small Group Connection experience on Sunday, October 3rd, after the 10:30am Mass. This experience will give you a glimpse into what Small Groups look like - and even connect you with a group

Questions? email Smallgroups@holyeucharist.org