Why we give...

As Stewards of the many blessings God has given us, we understand that giving draws us closer to God. As we grow in our relationship with God, we see what matters to God, and we want to invest in it.  We also understand that our giving builds our character.  God has blessed us with everything, including His Son. He represents a model that we want to reflect, and when we do, we become better for it. Finally, we understand that giving is an expression of love for others. Supporting our parish provides opportunities for people to hear the Good News of God’s love for them, and support efforts to partner with individuals in their faith journey.

As Stewards, let's Pray about our commitment and then use the 4 "P's" (located below) to prepare ourselves when it comes to our relationship with supporting the Church and its mission. There's no better investment; after all, it's where people meet Jesus and lives are changed!

Please take a moment to evaluate your current level of giving and prayerfully consider your faith commitment to Holy Eucharist and the mission given to the Church in the coming year.

Prayer in preparation of Stewardship weekend:

Heavenly Father – all in heaven and on the earth is yours, and everything I have is from you. Grant me the grace to increase my trust in you and decrease my dependence on material things. Help me to know you as a Father who desires always to share blessings with his children. Especially during this season of stewardship, show me how you want me to use the money and resources you have given me to build your Kingdom. Thank you, that as I give, I am able to honor and worship you and extend blessings to others - Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

The Plan for the Future:

With additional faith commitments in the coming year, Holy Eucharist will continue to: 

* Build the next generation of Catholic Christians through strengthening our

Children’s Programs such as Time Travelers, Kidzone, HERO and LIFT.

* Inspire more people with the Good News through engaging community events.

* Increase our investment in audio and video technology to improve our weekend experience.

* Invest in the professional growth of our staff.

* Encourage our members to serve and grow in their faith and to go deeper as disciples.

Make a Commitment:

Commit  to your new giving amount for the coming next year by filling out your Commitment Card HERE

Consider making your gift automatic:

Our online giving is safe and secure, and makes it easy for you when it comes to supporting your church.

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Stewardship Packet sent on November 8th:



A Stewardship card and envelope were also included. - our Stewardship card can be filled out online HERE