Next S.t.e.p.s. - in no particular order, each step below is designed to help you grow on your discipleship journey.  To experience the growth, the steps have to be made...even if in small moments.

  • Serve - Serve in Ministry or Missions - We are the church, and that includes taking an active roll in building the church inside the building and outside in the community and world beyond the church building.

  • Treasure - Giving of your Treasure.  While it may seem hard to grasp, the way to invite God to do something new in your finances is to start giving in how we are called to give to support others and His church.

  • Engage - Engage in small groups is about being surrounded with others on the path of discipleship.  We are not meant to walk this journey on our own.  We need support.

  • Prayer - Prayer and Sacraments (to included attending Mass) are essential on our paths of discipleship.  Like Small Groups, we aren't meant to journey on our own, so, attending Mass builds in community.  and the Grace we receive in the Sacraments and the relationship we build with God in prayer is life changing! 

  • Sharing - Sharing your faith is about incorporating God even more into your daily life.  When we grow in confidence and trust in the importance our discipleship journey has in our life, we realize it's meant to be shared.  We want others to not miss out on  this opportunity.