Match Point

Match Point is designed to be your one stop shop when you decide to serve in the Church.

Why Match Point? At Holy Eucharist, we are dedicated to growing the Kingdom of God by reaching individuals and guiding them on the path of discipleship. Serving is one major step that helps us grow as disciples. With Match Point, you decide where you want to serve and get connected into a ministry right away.

What will happen at Match Point? Match Point will be about 30 minutes of your time as we discuss how serving at Holy Eucharist will benefit you as you walk the path of discipleship. The presentation will then introduce our weekend ministry leads and the vision for the ministries. You will walk away from Match Point knowing when you will train or observe in your chosen ministry and who the contact person is for that ministry.

We invite you to join as we launch a new way in connecting those who want to serve the Body of Christ through ministries here in the church.