Here are the Parking Lot Mass Procedures

1. If it is raining, Father Andrew will celebrate Mass inside the Daily Chapel and will come outside to distribute Communion after the Mass.

2. If you feel you are in a high risk category, please stay home and continue to enjoy this Mass Experience Online at 8:30 am and 10:30 am.

3. Please bring a mask for each person in your car.

4. When you enter the parking lot, you will be greeted by a Parking Lot Usher. Please follow their direction to a parking spot. All cars will be directed to go past the Parish Office entrance and to the Daily Chapel parking lot where Mass will be held.

5. If we have more than 52 cars attend Mass, we will have parking available in the overflow lot by Hoffman Hall. You will still be able to participate in the Mass with the livestream connection and receive Communion at the end of Mass. Again, follow the directions of the Parking Lot Ushers.

6. Cars will be parked every other spot to observe social distancing.

7. You may roll down your windows but please remain in your car unless there is an emergency.

8. Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass. Follow the direction of the Parking Lot Ushers.

9. Holy Communion may be received only in the hand.

10. When you approach Father Andrew or the Eucharistic Ministers (there will be one on each side of the car), please wear your mask and extend your hands (flat) out of the car window. After you answer “Amen,” remove your mask and place the Host in your mouth. Once everyone in your car has received Communion, you can leave the Church parking lot.

11. The Offertory will be collected after Communion is distributed. There will be Parking Lot Ushers with baskets in the parking lot by the Parish Office doors. We also encourage you to give online HERE.

This Mass will be livestreamed. A link will be available on top of this homepage to connect to when it's time for the Mass. Please be aware that our WiFi is not available in the parking lot and data from your device will need to be used.

Thank you for bearing with us as we roll out this new experience and move through all the steps to keep you  connected as a community and with the Sacraments which overall strengthens our path of discipleship and honor our loving Father in Heaven. Hope to see you there.