Serve in a Ministry

Building relationships while building the Church

At Holy Eucharist, we understand that serving our parish community and outside community is a major part of growing in relationship with Jesus Christ. Why? Because we are commanded by Him to go out and make be the Salt and Light of the World. The truth of the matter is, when we hold service of others at a high priority in our lives, it becomes a tool that helps us grow on our own discipleship path. It's true!

To Serve at Holy Eucharist, your first step is Match Point.  Sign-up below. 

  • Thank you for your interest in serving - 

    Match Point is an experience that will introduce you to the weekend ministries at Holy Eucharist and “match” you with the perfect spot.  Once you sign up you can attend at the schedule time in the atrium near the worship space.   Click the button on the right to sign-up for this coming Match Point.  Click the Match Point image for more information on Match Point and future Match Point dates

  • Our current Ministries

    Each weekend, it takes many individuals to build the engaging experience at Holy Eucharist for those walking in our doors - from greeting our visitors with a smile, setting up a yummy spread in the Café, to encouraging children as they learn about their faith.