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We have an incredible message to share with the world: Jesus did not come to serve, but to give his life as a ransom for many. Jesus did not come to get something from us, but to give us eternal life that we can access on a daily basis. In order to grow in faith, we must share His message with family members, neighbors, co-workers and friends.

Our strategy for sharing the good news is simple. It’s called: Invest and Invite

Invest & Invite is a personal strategy. It means genuinely caring for people outside the church and then

being bold enough to risk the relationship by inviting them into the church. It takes energy and effort to

build and invest in a relationship. 

That's why Holy Eucharist  is committed to welcoming the "unchurched".  

We desire to make reaching your unchurched friends and family as easy as possible. We partner with you.

You pray for and invest in the people in your life. Our staff and volunteers will make sure that our environment

is appealing, engaging, and helpful. Only God can change hearts and lives, but we have the chance to

partner with him in that work. We get to invest in those outside the faith and invite them to discover a

relationship with their heavenly father.